Mike Joseph BSc (Hons)

Light Machining Services

01923-261305 / 07775-915159

Unit 4b, 93a, Church Lane, Sarratt, Herts WD3 6HH

We offer machining services:
turning, milling, drilling.

Small one-offs are a speciality.

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Conditions of business:

  1. We will not pass on your contact details, phone number, etc to anyone or are required by law to do so.
  2. On receipt of a drawing we will provide a quote and on receiving a cheque will commence work.
  3. The cheque will not be cashed until the item is posted - please be sure to provide correct contact details!
  4. If we are unable to complete the item, then the cheque will be returned.
  5. Third angle projection is assumed unless otherwise noted (see samples if not sure).
  6. Specify if to scale or not to scale.
  7. Specify material required, (eg mild steel, stainless, brass, etc), the more detail, the better, eg EN numbers and if no material is specified, then mild steel will be used.
  8. If known, specify the tolerances on dimensions.
  9. Disclaimer:
    I, Mike Joseph, (the supplier), will not accept liability for personal injury or damage to property arising directly or indirectly out of the use by customers of any item supplied by me.

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